Video Game-Inspired Footwear

PUMA is releasing a footwear and apparel collection inspired by Nintendo’s Animal Crossing: New Horizons sim game. The clothing giant has informed its new collection based on the colors, characters, and aesthetics of Animal Crossing.

PUMA originally announced a sneak peek of this upcoming collection on Twitter, and subsequently, images of the collaboration began circulating. Among the many pieces to launch is the Animal Crossing x PUMA Wild Rider sneaker. The shoe is a supportive walking shoe with a soft and pastel aesthetic. Light hues of blue, turquoise, and whites make up the design.

The collaboration also features a light green hoodie with illustrations of each game character printed on the back. Animal Crossing: New Horizons was ranked the third biggest selling game of 2020 and makes for an exciting and highly-anticipated collaboration.

Image Credit: PUMA

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