Dystopic Home Surveillance Systems

Squid Game is Netflix’s new dystopic TV series that is grabbing the interest of many streaming users and industries worldwide. So much so that designers Cheon Ryong Choi, Soonook Kwon, and Jaeyeon Nam created a Squid Game-themed series of home security cameras.

The cameras are shaped like the TV show’s anonymous guards, outfitted in pink jumpsuits. Their heads host the camera lens, which provides a 180-degree view of the surroundings for complete security. The Squid Game guard cameras are activated by motion and audio sensors that set the cameras into action to track the detected activity. A privacy mask is activated when the camera is not in use, which blocks the FOV to secure the footage from any unauthorized access.

Image Credit: Cheon Ryong Choi, Soonook Kwon, and Jaeyeon Nam

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